Open source software for voip


  • SBO SIP Proxy Bypass All types of Internet Firewall
  • JAIN-SIP Proxy
  • Mini-SIP-Proxy A very tiny perl POE based SIP proxy
  • MjServer cross-platform SIP proxy/registrar/redirect, written in java, based on MjSip stack
  • MySIPSwitch SIP Proxy server which allows using multiple SIP accounts with a single SIP login
  • NethidPro3.0.6 Opensource Sip Encryption Bridge:
  • Net-SIP A Perl SIP framework that includes a stateless proxy
  • OpenJSIP Opensource distributed standalone SIP proxy, SIP registrar, SIP location service run by Java VM. Based on NIST SIP and derived from JAIN-SIP Proxy.
  • OpenSBC: MPL licensed SIP proxy/registrar/B2BUA with NAT traversal and ENUM
  • OpenSER: GPL SIP Server with TLS support — renamed to Kamailio
  • OpenSIPS forked from OpenSER.
  • partysip SIP proxy server
  • repro from the reSIProcate project fully implements Federated VoIP and has a built-in web UI for quick setup
  • REMWAVE Calamar Cross-platform high performance SIP proxy written in Java
  • SaRP SIP and RTP Proxy in Perl
  • SIP Express Router (SER): the SIP router/proxy/jack-in-all-trades from
  • Siproxd SIP and RTP Proxy
  • SIPVicious tool suite: tools for auditing sip devices
  • sipX The SIP PBX for Linux: Complete, native SIP PBX solution for business
  • Vocal SIP softswitch with H.323 and MGCP translators for non-SIP endpoints
  • Yxa Written in the Erlang programming language
  • CRM INtegration Proxy Open Source program writen on java. based on MJ SIP lib Proxy for Call-Centers solutions
  • Clearwater — open source IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) implementation designed for massively scalable deployment in the Cloud — SIP routing components built on PJSIP

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