The Basic Conditions

The Basic Conditions for the Functioning of VoIP-system

VoIP is a voice transmission via dedicated digital channels. This type of connection allows you to save on international and long-distance calls, pay for them as local ones, as well as provide other communication functions facilitating the work of the office — sending and receiving SMS/email, database maintenance, call hold and more.

Many of today’s users believe that VoIP is the best solution for the business. Data transfer is carried out at high speed and cheaply via by Internet protocols. This type of connection provides a computer-phone-internet system.

However, whatever the high-quality technology may be, it cannot exist without the appropriate equipment and competent service. Many beginners in this area ask the question: what is a voip gateway? This device allows you to convert calls from landline and cell phones in the VOIP-signals and vice versa. Accordingly, it becomes possible to transmit voice traffic over long distances at the lowest price.

The equipment facilitates communication office functions and relieves staff. Caller ID, data transmission via the voice mail, call forwarding to mobile personnel’s devices can save their time and make more money.

There are single-channel and multi-channel VoIP gateways. For home use and small communication it is better to give preference to the single-channel equipment, while for intensive office communication the solution is multi-channel equipment. Among the proposals from a variety of manufacturers, GoIP voip-gsm gateways are considered the best in terms of price and quality.

The equipment should be connected to a computer and set up by a technician. By the way, having read the info on forums, some users try connecting the gateway independently. In such cases there are problems such as no connection, system crashes, undetectable channels, etc. And if you add the wasted time and money to this, it becomes clear that trying to set up a voip gateway independently is not the best solution when connecting VoIP telephony.

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